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Warwick Valley CommonPlace is a Social Network dedicated to the residents of the Town, Villages, and Hamlets of Warwick, NY.  CommonPlace strives to promote open dialog, sharing of interests, support, and information exchange, among the residents of Warwick.

Unlike other social networks, Warwick CommonPlace is organized into groups of interests.  It is closely moderated.  Members are expected to be open, thoughtful, and civilized.

Exchange information during a major emergency. In case of an individual emergency, contact 911.

How Warwick CommonPlace Works

How It Works

Learn how CommonPlace works. See how to set up your profile, join groups that interest you, and share with your neighbors.

Warwick CommonPlace Groups

Our Groups

See all the CommonPlace groups. Join interest- and niche-specific groups where you can post, discuss, exchange ideas, and learn from others.

Warwick CommonPlace Members

Our Members

View all the CommonPlace members. See your neighbers who are part of Warwick’s online community! GET STARTED…

  1. Read our FAQs
  2. Read our Terms-of-Use
  3. Sign-up for CommonPlace by clicking on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button in the upper left of the page.
  4. Join a Group

Warwick Valley CommonPlace is sponsored by The Albert Wisner Public Library,  Technical Design and Development is provided courtesy of Mark & Pat Damia.  Warwick Valley CommonPlace was conceived by Peter Davis and is part of the family of CommonPlace Online Social Communities.

Additional thanks to Mayor Michael Newhard, Roger Moss, Geoffrey Howard, and the Warwick Valley CommonPlace Focus Group for their time and support.

Logo Design by Erin Kelly.

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