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Performance venues throughout Warwick NY and Vernon NJ

Sugar Loaf PAC
Participating restaurants featuring Dinner+Show
in time to get you to the performance on time.

Crystal Springs Resort
Crystal Springs Resort, Route 94, Vernon, NJ
Tel: 855-977-6473

Warwick Valley High School Auditorium
89 Sanfordville Road, Warwick, NY 10990

Vernon Township High School
Route 515, Vernon, NJ 07462
Tel: 973-764-2900

Grappa Ristorante
22 Railroad Ave., Warwick, NY 10990
Tel: 845-987-7373

LaPiazza Champagne Bar
22 Railroad Ave., Warwick, NY 10990
Tel: 845-987-7373

The Dautaj
36 Oakland Ave., Warwick, NY 10990
Tel: 845-986-3666

Albert Wisner Library
One McFarland Drive, Warwick, NY 10990
Phone: 845-986-1047

Greenwood Lake Public Library
79 Waterstone Rd., Greenwood Lake, NY 10925
Phone: 845-477-8377

Florida NY Public Library
Four Cohen Circle, Florida, NY 10921
hone: 845-651-7659

Air Pirates Radio
P.O. Box 86, Sugar Loaf, New York 10981
Tel: 845-469-7563

Edenville General Store
240 Pine Island Turn Pike, Warwick, New York 10990
Phone: 845-988-2255

Morahan Waterfront Park Greenwood Lake
End of Windermere Ave., Greenwood Lake, NY 10925 • Phone: 845-477-9215

Village of Warwick Concerts on Railroad Ave.
Railroad Green, Warwick, NY 10990
Phone: 845-986-9463 • May-Sep Yearly

Seligman Center for the Arts
23-26 White Oak Dr., Chester, New York
Tel: 845-469-9459

Smokey’s Tavern
2 Vernon Crossing Rd., Vernon, NJ 07462
Phone: 973-764-2600

Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center
1351 Kings Hwy, Sugar Loaf, New York 10981
Phone: 845-610-5900

22 Spring St., Warwick, NY 10990
 Phone: 845-986-7898

The New Continental Hotel
 15 Leo Ct., Greenwood Lake, NY 10925
 Phone: 845-477-2456

Iron Forge Inn
38 Iron Forge Rd., Warwick, NY 10990
 Phone: 845-986-3411