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raiolroad_greenThe Warwickinfo Arts & Entertainment section provides a quick and easy reference guide for artistic venues throughout the Warwick and Vernon Valleys. We are committed to bringing you exciting information about the arts and cultural resources, covering everything from local bands and the healing arts to performances, poetry readings, museum and gallery exhibits.

The performance venues we monitor include the professional locations, such as the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center, Crystal Springs Resort, and Mountain Creek, but also school venues in Warwick and Vernon, intimate venues like the Pacem in Terris, to local churches with wonderful acoustics (e.g., The Dutch Reformed Church on Maple Ave.), local restaurants (like The Dautaj, Smokey’s, and Grappa Ristorante), and the outdoor municipal concerts that take place during the summer in the Villages of Greenwood Lake and Warwick.

Please Note: Although we make every effort to obtain accurate information and dates from our contacts and other sources, we have experienced performance schedules that may change without notice. As a result, we strongly recommend that, if there is a particular performance that you are especially keen on, you call the venue before you arrive to confirm that the performer(s) you want to see are still scheduled to appear! Thank you.