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Ceramic and Pottery Artists

Amity Arts
Judy’s work ranges from simple folk pottery to elaborate stoneware fountains. Judith Duboff (ATR-BC, LCAT) Licensed Creative Art Therapist) has a masters degree in Art Therapy form NYU. She founded and developed the art thereapy program at Ittleson Center in Riverdale, NY. Amity arts is located at 480 Route 17A, Florida, NY 10921. Call 845-651-1170 or Click here>

Bostree Studios
Ray Boswell and Bostree Inc. Studio. Open Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 12-5,56 Wood Rd., Sugar Loaf, NY 10981. Call 845-469-6113. I have also expanded the studio to include my working studio,a student studio for workshops an office and editing room where the retreats and lectures are created and launched to be presented throughout the Northeast. Please continue to visit our site to see Bostree, Inc. expand into more sculpture,retreats, workshops and instructional DVD’s Rough Cut Videos . Click here>>

Bea Bloom
Warwick, NY; Tel: 845-986-4368

Marilyn Dale Pottery
Warwick NY; Tel: 845-781-6560

Debs Pots
Dr. Deb Bernstein, Warwick NY; Tel: 845-986-6684

East Ridge Pottery
Warwick, NY; Tel: 201-410-0373


J. Hengen Design
Romers Alley, Sugar Loaf NY; Tel: 845-784-5007 cell

Andrea Kimball
Warwick NY; Tel: 845-986-7984