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Antiques Auctions Collectibles

For lovers and collectors of antiques-auctions-collectibles, sometimes it is not just finding a new piece, but the search itself that provides the joy of antiquing. That may be why the Hudson Valley is such a hot spot for the antiques industry. Not only is the region full of antiques stores that offer classic items and have atmospheres full of quirk and character, but the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley makes the search pleasant, whether you find what you’re looking for or not. As you search through antiques shops, many of which are located within walking distance of one another in villages like Cold Spring,  Hudson, and Warwick, you’re almost guaranteed to find classic items you may not have even realized you were searching for.

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Warwick ny antiques-auctions-collectibles
George and Alexis Laurence of That Place antiques-auctions-collectibles, Pine Island NY